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OPQ32 [Occupational Personality Questionnaire]


OPQ32 is one of the widely used measures of behavioural style in the world. It provides detailed information on 32 specific personality characteristics which underpin an individual’s behaviour at work and their performance against key competencies. Unlike other personality questionnaires the OPQ is an occupational model of personality designed solely for use in a business environment.


The OPQ Model of Personality


The OPQ model provides a clear, simple framework for understanding the role of personality in the workplace and the impact it has on job performance.


OPQ32 is backed by comprehensive international research proving its reliability, relevance and
validity. The OPQ has been in continuous use for over 25 years.


Delivered online, the OPQ32 can be easily deployed in a fast and cost effective way.


OPQ32 Report for Selection


Who is the key recipient?

What information do they need?


I want some information that I can take away about how I did on the questionnaire I completed.

I want to know more about my style when

operating in a team environment.

Line Manager

I want a summary of how the candidate prefers to work, is likely to perform against key competencies and interacts in a team.

I need clearly presented information about the candidate and how they are likely to behave.

I want to know what a candidate's strengths and weaknesses are likely to be when operating in a team environment.

I want to know how the candidate is likely to perform in key skills/competencies and what the potential weaknesses are that I need to explore further.

I want to identify top sales performers.

I want to recruit sales people with the potential to sell more.

I want to reduce the costs of turnover in sales teams.


OPQ32 Report for Development


Who is the key recipient?

What information do they need?


Completing OPQ and / or Line Manager

I want to understand which areas are my strengths and which areas I may need to develop.

I want to work with my direct report to design a development plan.

I want to understand how I could learn more effectively.

I want to understand how I work as part of a team and how I can improve my performance.

I want to know how I can help improve the performance of an individual within my team.

I want to improve my team's performance.

I want to understand the issues within my team.

I want to create a new team that will work well together.


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